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Address:1-01.N07 media industrial area.Lijiafen Road.Chaoyangdistrict Beijing

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  Thinda Lighting, affiliated to Beijing Thinda Technology Development Co., Ltd., is positioned to be a professional service provider for lighting system, engaged in professional lighting services, such as regional lighting planning, lighting design, lighting product system integration, and installation and commissioning of lighting projects.


  Mr. Wang Chunlong and his founding team are engaged in the lighting industry for more than 15 years and have been involved in or operated the partial architectural landscape lighting projects of the Olympic Games (Bird's Nest, Linglong Tower, Olympic Sports Center, etc.), World Expo (Netherlands Pavilion and Luxembourg Pavilion), Asian Games (Haixinsha Tower), Chongqing Garden Expo and the architectural landscape lighting projects of commercial landmark buildings of several cities (Jinzhou Sheraton Hotel, Dalian Futures Exchange, Chengdu Jinniu Wanda Plaza, Shanghai Center, etc.).

  Beijing Thinda Technology Development Co., Ltd. has integrated the top resources in the industry by using years of rich experiences in design and implementation of large top projects. The solutions are optimized from the team to the product system database, from the design level and philosophy to fixture selection and control, from the quality of construction team to the site installation and commissioning process, and the effective communication with the site architect, mechanical & electrical engineers, etc. on related technologies, which can guarantee every link to realize the excellent results of the project implementation.


  The existing team includes four groups, i.e. excellent lighting designers, project manager, cost management personnel and business personnel. Among them, the design group, headed by Jean Jacques Lanzo, a French architectural lighting expert and Sun Yanfei, the design director, is the best lighting designer group in China. They are determined to start from the origin of the project--lighting design to achieve the perfect fusion of project from the art and technology, so as to create the most possible prerequisites for building the magnificent project implementation effects in the future.


  For products and systems resources, the company has, by long-term accumulation of projects, built a database that covers the domestic and foreign excellent lighting products and control systems, established the basic data system from the aspects of product brand, parameters, technology, price, appearance, etc. So the company may re-select, test and find the most appropriate lighting fixture according to the effect nodes of each project.


  The construction team of the company consists of the professional project manager, electrical engineer, lighting fixture engineer, cost personnel, etc., who have participated in many large-scale projects. During the project implementation of the company over many years, they summed up the innovative management and implementation methods of multiple lighting projects, such as control of the effects designer's second project manager in the whole process, the installation method of dimming spider-man and installation and assembly method of plant type lighting fixtures, which are powerful guarantee to realize the excellent projects!


  As a professional lighting company, Thinda absorbs nutrition and makes continuous progress relying on the domestic and international professional organizations, such as CIE, China Association of Lighting, China Association of Lighting Industry, UED Building Platform, LED Industry Alliance, lighting design magazines, etc.


  Lighting is the art of light, as well as the technology of light, depending on the building itself, but also going beyond the building. The excellent lighting design and implementation effect can greatly enhance the project's artistic value, brand value, cultural value, commercial value and tourism value, so it is our philosophy and mission to create value with lighting. Thinda Lighting adheres to become the leading professional service provider for commercial lighting in China, and recreate the values for the owners and the society!


  Introduction to Thinda Lighting Group -- Lampearl Photoelectric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Lampearl "):


  The core business of Lampearl is to provide LED lighting products, energy saving services, and project implementation and planning & design services for the three end customers of city, industry system and overseas markets.


  Lampearl, focusing on the brand, technology and channel, is committed to providing the first-class products, first-class technology and first-class service, and helping our customers enjoy the beautiful, energy-saving, ecological, environmentally protected lighting system that is easy to maintain and manage, thus winning the trust and admiration of customers, shareholders, employees, distributors and suppliers.


  Lampearl has international advanced industrial bases in Beijing and Guangzhou, which are equipped with sound R & D, production and testing facilities. Lampearl has excellent product development team and has established the joint laboratory with the Institute of Semiconductors of Chinese Academy of Sciences, which is the first laboratory that obtains the national CNAS certification in the semiconductor lighting industry, as well as the undertaking unit for LED lighting topic of National 863 Program, the standing council unit of the China Solid State Lighting Alliance, and the vice-chairman unit of Zhongguancun Solid State Lighting Alliance. The LED road lighting products subject to independent R&D and production won the bid of all four packages of "Application Demonstration Project of Solid State Lighting" held by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Housing and the Ministry of Communications in 2010, and all ranked first.




















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